How Much is a Substitute Teacher Paid?

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Salary of a Substitute Teacher

The role of a substitute teacher is similar to that of an assistant teacher.

He/she helps the class teacher with all her day-to-day activities, looks into the maintenance of the class and the students, and also looks after the class when the senior teacher goes on any unforeseen or extended leave.

Also, when a substitute teacher is, for example, going to marry with a former student, he or she won’t get paid while absent.

However, how much does a substitute teacher get paid then?

Similar to teachers, a substitute teacher’s salary too is based on the school, state, how many hours a day or how many days he/she has to devote in a given month and the like.

For example, a substitute teacher in the USA earns around $100 a day. If his/her workload is a little extra for a day or he/she has to be around longer, the rate may go up to $135 a day as well.

However, in India, it is a little different. Here substitute teachers aren’t correctly paid daily. Instead, they are paid monthly. Thus, their salary can be that of a regular full-time teacher, or it can be that of an assistant, depending on the work she/he has to do and depending on the class or classes they’ll be taking/looking into.

The salary can range anywhere between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000. It can also be Rs. Ten thousand in case they are looking at primary children or pre-primary children.

However, it is a learning experience, so irrespective of the money being given, it is worth trying at least once.

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