How to Become a Physical Education Teacher

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The job of a physical education teacher is to help and educate children as well as adolescents on various aspects of leading a healthy lifestyle, which is to be achieved from physical activity as well as proper nutrition.

A physical education teacher must work to provide an enjoyable and active lifestyle to his/her students. They should be able to communicate various healthy concepts to students belonging to different age groups.

This guide will speak of ways on how to become a physical education teacher, the education required, the salary one can expect as well as the job profile outlook.

Job description

A physical education teacher works to provide students with instructions related to sports, proper nutrition, health as well as physical development. A physical education teacher must possess knowledge of health sciences as well as of sports.

They will work to provide exciting and engaging in exercise-based activities to make the process of learning a fun experience for students.

Teacher Taking Exercise Class In School Gym

Job requirements

The job requirements of a physical education teacher are fundamental.

They must be physically fit at all times and must also be extremely active as they are required to lead students through several activities throughout the day.

Their work involves staying both indoors as well as outdoors, working on teaching students of a variety of age groups, various games, and sports like football and soccer, as well as ways of staying fit through exercise.

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They look into organizing various extracurricular activities that including looking into the maintenance and preparation of gym equipment.

A PE teacher must at all times have a very sound knowledge of multiple sports, nutrition in general as well as knowledge of health requirements necessary for overall development. Having a strong base in sports and developmental communications is always a bonus.

Most physical education degree teachers usually hold a proper four-year bachelor’s degree in teaching exercise science or similar subjects. Many often possess a master’s degree in physical education, as well.

Often PE teachers are seen to participate in various coaching activities with regards to school sports teams and might also be faculty members and advisors for various student clubs.

Required steps

The steps required for a person to gain sound knowledge are given below:

  1. You will have to obtain a bachelors degree in either physical education or a related subject, such as health education, athletic training or kinesiology
  2. Look to complete a student teaching internship with a physical education setup
  3. Look into taking all the necessary tests that are required in your state board with regards to physical education endorsement
  4. Make an application to apply for your teaching license
  5. Start by applying to various openings for PE teachers

Most public school PE teachers are required to earn a state teacher certification that is necessary, based on the grade levels they intend on teaching.

Most states, a four-year bachelor’s degree with a specialization or emphasis on physical education, usually qualify for an individual to sit for the respective certification exams. Several states look to offer alternative certification pathways that typically include a master’s degree in physical education.

There are umpteen levels of certifications available, any of which a physical education teacher can opt to pursue, based on the grade levels they wish to teach.

A physical education teacher might also become a certified worker with regards to special needs populations with the help of adapted physical education methods that aid the differently-abled students.

Coach Giving Team Talk To Elementary School Basketball Team

Salary earned and the job outlook

A physical education teacher’s salary is usually equivalent to that of a regular subject teacher and the range averages from $62,200 – annually at the elementary school level up to $64,340 – annually at the secondary school level.

The complete and exact salary usually depends on several factors, such as:

  • The location of the school
  • The level of the school – elementary, middle, high school or college level
  • Teacher’s educational qualification
  • Teacher’s experience

The job growth, as has been seen through the years, shows positive growth, with an overall projected growth rate of 3-4% through 2028.

There seems to be a high demand for good physical education teachers having the exceptional ability to impart proper physical education knowledge as well as knowledge of overall nutrition and health.

Necessary helpful skills and experience

Overall knowledge of sports – both team as well as individual – in general, and strong interpersonal communication skills are a must. Other than this, a sound understanding of team dynamics, kinesiology as well as health and nutritional knowledge are some of the apparent bonus.

These are some of the critical factors to keep in mind when looking for ways of becoming a physical education teacher.

How Many Years Does It Take to Become a Teacher?

Primary school teacher assisting pupil in classroom

Time Before You Are a Teacher

Becoming a teacher isn’t easy. There is a lot of hard work involved in landing the designated title of a teacher. For starters, you need to figure out whether you’re willing to teach primary school, high school, or secondary school. Then you need to look at teaching courses.

For starters, to become a teacher, you need to have a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed). This you can start directly after your class XII boards, or you can do it after getting a B.A (Bachelor of Arts), B.Sc (Bachelor of Science) or an M.A (Masters of Arts) or M.Sc (Masters of Science).

Not long ago, a B.Ed could be done in three years or six semesters, but the rules have recently changed, and you need to currently pursue a proper five-year degree or ten semesters to obtain a B.Ed degree.

Also, you might have to do a TTC or Teachers Training Course – if you’d like to teach Montessori and not any higher class. In case you’d opt for TTC, then you may not have to get a B.Ed.

Keep in mind that based on the classes you’d like to teach, you might need an additional Diploma. Certain states allow pursuing a B.Ed in 2 years as well, after getting a Bachelor in some other teaching subject.

Thus, choose wisely, and know the amount of time you are willing to invest in getting your degree and starting with your teaching career.

And, in a few years, you will be happily smiling because of all the end-of-the-year gifts you’ll receive from your pupils!

How Much is a Substitute Teacher Paid?

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Salary of a Substitute Teacher

The role of a substitute teacher is similar to that of an assistant teacher.

He/she helps the class teacher with all her day-to-day activities, looks into the maintenance of the class and the students, and also looks after the class when the senior teacher goes on any unforeseen or extended leave.

Also, when a substitute teacher is, for example, going to marry with a former student, he or she won’t get paid while absent.

However, how much does a substitute teacher get paid then?

Similar to teachers, a substitute teacher’s salary too is based on the school, state, how many hours a day or how many days he/she has to devote in a given month and the like.

For example, a substitute teacher in the USA earns around $100 a day. If his/her workload is a little extra for a day or he/she has to be around longer, the rate may go up to $135 a day as well.

However, in India, it is a little different. Here substitute teachers aren’t correctly paid daily. Instead, they are paid monthly. Thus, their salary can be that of a regular full-time teacher, or it can be that of an assistant, depending on the work she/he has to do and depending on the class or classes they’ll be taking/looking into.

The salary can range anywhere between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000. It can also be Rs. Ten thousand in case they are looking at primary children or pre-primary children.

However, it is a learning experience, so irrespective of the money being given, it is worth trying at least once.

Can You Become a Teacher Online?

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The thing about teaching online is that you need to have a suitable degree that helps to build your credentials and allows you to go ahead and teach.

If you aren’t willing to study in-classroom courses, then the best way to go about this is to look for online degrees. Also, the best thing about getting a teaching degree online is that you can get your course done in your own sweet time.

All you need to do is – opt for a subject in which you would like to specialize, then look into the requirements necessary to apply for the course online (based on your state’s educational requirements – such as a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent) and also ensure that you fulfill all the license requirements there are, for your state.

Once you get these things sorted, you can begin to apply to online courses. However, keep in mind that though these degrees may be obtained, they might have specific on-site requirements too, which you might have to fulfill, so remember to check into those as well.

Remember to check whether the school you are looking to obtain your teaching degree from is accredited. Also, compare the tuition fee that is being charged. You wouldn’t want to pay unnecessarily for a degree or get duped.

Also, check whether the degree you are obtaining has some credibility because in case it doesn’t, then that’ll merely be hard-earned money which will be wasted, that’s all.

The only down-side from learning for a teacher online is that you most likely won’t receive any end-of-the-year gifts

What Substitute Teachers Do?

Exhausted substitute teacher in the classroom

Substitute Teachers

The work of a substitute teacher is to assist the senior teacher in classroom management as well as in other necessary teaching help.

Sometimes a substitute teacher might also take the place of the senior teacher, in case that person goes on an extended leave or break – due to sickness, personal reasons or maybe due to paper checking and the like. Or maybe the senior teacher is about to get married to a former student as you can read in this article.

The duties of a substitute teacher include – helping with the attendance, helping to maintain the dignity of the class, maintaining classroom cleanliness, and helping with day-to-day classroom activities as the requirement maybe.

A substitute teacher needs to be flexible with her timings because she may be asked to stay for more extended periods, or she may be called in any day, depending on the work at hand.

Sometimes a substitute teacher also plays out the role of an assistant teacher, working in tandem with the senior teacher to help maintain the classroom and students. It also becomes a good learning experience for him/her because it prepares one for individual duty and responsibility as well.

A substitute teacher often works for hand in hand with the senior teacher and aids in her work. However, this in no way means that a substitute teacher is any less of a teacher or that his/her duty is any less critical.

An able helping hand is not only appreciated but is also preferred, especially if a class gets too unruly or is difficult to control or if the workload is a tad bit too much to take.

What is the Starting Salary for a Teacher?

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Starting Salary for Teachers

Teaching is one of the noblest professions there is. Also, it’s quite competitive as well, not to forget equally satisfying in all measures, because you get to churn out wisdom and knowledge to the future generations of every country.

Since it’s such a noble profession, the salary too should be equally lucrative, if not better. However, what is to be kept in mind is that the wages of a teacher usually depends on which grade he teaches, which state and also whether it is a private or public school/college/university. Sometimes the subject matters too.

The salary of a teacher will vary based on experience, curriculum, location of the school, and such other factors as the school may deem fit.

The average salary of a high school teacher is roughly around $4000 per annum (this amount may vary based on the factors already mentioned above). However, the good thing is, there is a steady pay growth as well, so that is one thing that might provide a mental satisfaction as well.

The state plays a significant factor in deciding the amount of money a teacher starts off earning because of the overall infrastructure of the school and grants which might come in. Of course, credibility plays a strong point too.

However, keep in mind that the estimates given above are rough sketches and may vary considerably based on certain key factors – as has been mentioned.

Getting a raise in salary is one of the best gifts you can give to a teacher, so schools, what are you waiting for?

What Degree Do You Need to Be a Teacher?

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We all have a teacher that has made a difference in our lives. It is because of this teacher that you are now inspired to become one yourself. But the route to becoming a teacher isn’t that easy as you may think it to be. You need to earn a degree, clear exams, and acquire a teaching license to enter a school to teach. Unless you meet these criteria, you cannot teach.

If you are someone who has decided to pursue your career as a teacher, then you should start preparing for it. In case you have less idea about the route or the degree to gain to become a teacher, then you are in the right place.

Teacher helping pupils with their tasks in class

Guide to Become a Teacher

Just like many other aspiring candidates, you, too, want to become a teacher. To accomplish your dreams, you must go through the following path.

1. Get a degree

The minimum qualification required to become a teacher is a bachelor’s degree. However, you have some choices depending on the amount of experience you need and the type of teacher you want to become.

  • Bachelor’s Degree: The first step to becoming a teacher is to get a bachelor’s degree. Most schools and colleges want to see your bachelor’s degree, including more specific programs. It would help if you got a bachelor’s degree done in the subject that you are passionate about teaching. A bachelor’s degree is good enough for teaching primary level and kindergarten kids. If you want to teach senior classes, then you need a higher degree than this.
  • Master’s Degree: If you have higher ambitions like teaching like college students or high school students, then getting a master’s degree is a must. Having a master’s degree means you can negotiate for a higher salary as well.

2. Get your teaching license

To start your teaching career, you need to get your teaching license. Unless you have acquired that you cannot apply for a teaching job, the requirements for a teaching license can be different for different states.

To get your license, you need to sit for a specific exam that will be conducted by the state. After you clear the exam, you can get your teaching license. Before your site for the exam, make sure that you check your state’s requirements.

Primary school teacher helping student

Alternative Routes to Becoming a Teacher

Some people decide to join the teacher much later in their lives. Some do it as their newfound passion, while others opt for it to switch jobs. In this case, you need to do the following:

  • Go through your state’s policies for alternative teaching certificates
  • The alternative certification must be approved in your state
  • You need to complete a residency or student teaching alongside a mentor teacher.
  • Sit for your state licensure exam.

However, these steps may vary depending on where you stay or your geographical location. Therefore, you are advised to do your research. This will help you to know the process better and in more detail.

Becoming a teacher can be easy if you have the dedication and passion for being one. It would help if you committed yourself to your students, and only then can you become an ideal teacher.

How to Become a Substitute Teacher?

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A substitute teacher is one who is substituted in place of a full-time teacher. A substitute teacher is called an on-call teacher who fills up for a full-time teacher when they go on leave.

Substitutes are employed in the place of a full-time teacher only for a temporary period until they are back. However, a substitute can choose to work as a part-time teacher as well. They look for long-term openings to work.

If you want to become a substitute teacher but have no idea about the process, then you are in the place. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about becoming a substitute teacher.

Substitute Teacher Requirements

The requirements of a substitute teacher differ from state to state. Different school districts have various conditions that are required to be fulfilled to become a substitute teacher.

A good substitute teacher is expected to take the responsibilities of a full-time teacher. In other words, they need to teach regular classes, attend staff meetings, teach full-time lessons, and also address the needs of the students.

Not just that, but a substitute teacher is also expected to take responsibility for non-classroom activities, whenever necessary. This includes parent-teacher meetings, keeping track of students’ progress, etc.

Student and teacher at geometry class


Becoming a Substitute Teacher

If you think that becoming a substitute teacher is a child’s play, then you are entirely wrong about it. It requires the same amount of effort as you would have put in any other job. To become a substitute teacher, you need first to complete a few essential steps.

Here are the steps that you need to complete to achieve your dreams:

  1. Earn a high school diploma
  2. Get an undergraduate degree
  3. Meet other requirements for substitute teachers in your state or district
  4. Apply for a position as a substitute teacher in a school in your district

As already mentioned above, the requirements to become a substitute teacher is dependent on the state or district you belong to. It may vary from state to state. Not just that, but even schools have their requirements that need to be fulfilled to get employed.

This is why you are advised to do some research on your state requirement before jumping into it. Also, do the same for the school that you intend to teach.

Earn a High School Diploma

One of the very first steps to become a substitute teacher is to earn a high school diploma. In many states and districts, it is the minimum qualification that is required to apply for the position of substitute teacher.

However, in other states or districts, you need to have a bachelor’s degree to be eligible to become a substitute teacher. You can get a bachelor’s degree in any subject you want. Without a bachelor’s degree, you can, however, apply for the position of substitute teacher assistant.

Get an Undergraduate Degree

If you want to aim higher in this field, then you need to have a higher degree. This will help you to increase the potential of your job as a substitute teacher. In this case, you should complete your undergraduate degree program.

  • In some districts, an associate’s degree is the minimum qualification required for applying for a substitute teaching job.
  • Other districts may provide long-term substitute teaching licenses to those who have a bachelor’s degree. They may even pay you a higher salary.

The definition of long-term and short-term is dependent on your district or state. This denotes the number of days a substitute teacher can spend in a single classroom.

  • If you want to apply for a long-term substitute teaching job, then you have to fulfill additional requirements. For example, it can be a specific degree or a specified number of credit hours in the subject you want to teach.
  • If your state requires you to have a substitute teaching license, your bachelor’s degree may be a co-requisite.

In short, the higher the degree you have, the more job opportunities you get. It will also help you to get more long-term assignments and a high pay salary.

Elementary school teacher with students

Apply for a Substitute Teacher Position in Your District

You need to have a good idea of the process of applying for the position of a substitute teacher in your district or state. Again, this process may differ from state to state. However, you can find out the details from the website of your school district.

Your application process may include creating an online account on the official portal. You need to follow all the instructions carefully to avoid any mistake. Not just that, but you also need to be prepared with everything that you need to submit along with your application. This may include references, training confirmation, transcripts, fingerprint cards, and a few other documents.

Because substitute teaching is an on-call job role, you need to apply for more than one substitute teacher position in your district. If you apply for just one position, you mean never get it. Therefore, you need to expand your options. Once your application is approved, you can then join as a substitute teacher in the school, and you applied for it.

Now that you know the steps to become a substitute teacher, it should be easier for you to follow the process. It will help if you put in all your hard work to become a successful substitute teacher.

Just like any other career, even this job role is an important one, and therefore, you should not take it for granted.