Vegetarian Testaments In Venice

In Italy, that’s a cheeseless pizza and strange order after being targeted for being a vegetarian or vegan. These days, in Italian cities, it is easy to be free of meat, and Venice is no exception. Vegetable substitute choices become a more widespread and fundamental chef in serving dietary choices. While during the Tour of Italy all was not smooth and quinoa salad, healthy eating is also easy, which means that visitors do not have to compromise on taste or nutrition.

The spread of international cuisine is also more diverse, focusing more on vegetables, and less meat. You can find all cuisines from the Middle East from India to places like La Jhukka and Freri in Venice. Of course, traditional Italian cuisine is not out of the picture and a variety of dishes, including pizza and pasta suited to both vegetarian and vegan diets. It is just about knowing where to look. Our guide to the best places for vegetarian and vegan quotes people in Venice!

La Zucca

This dessert is not a small shelter to show you compromise, so when you follow a vegetarian meal abroad. The classic fare on offer with oak-paneled interiors complements and includes not more than thirty-five, intimate atmosphere. Although not a particularly vegetarian restaurant, there is plenty of variety in vegetarian dishes that are stupid when you think.

Pizzeria L’Angelo

Pizzeria L’Angelo is a niche for vegetarians and vegetarians with a satisfying alternative. The shop is a copy service and when you don’t sit properly, the food you can eat goes away. Along with a variety of vegetarian and vegan pizzas, Pizza also serves several vegetarian sandwiches L’Angelo (which is specially marked). For those opting for pizza, the op normal size should be large enough (but we can easily finish big – they are not doing so well).


Wanted to try the ingredients of pizza and pasta and something different in Venice? Then Frayri arrives as a welcome gift. With a focus on medieval cuisine, vegetarian and vegetarian good selections on the menu, the staff is usually more menu items ready to be customized. Try their classic homemade hummus cut from Falafel or go for Dolmades snacks with a side of cream. All Frary specializes in unique and healthy fare and compared with the salary Venice had, it was not very expensive.

Ghimel Garden

Ghimel Gardens is a domestic Jewish restaurant in Venice’s Cannaregio quarter or El Venice ghetto. Because it is a kosher restaurant, dedicated to vegetarian and vegetarian meats, which has a separate menu for truly free choice people. Potato Gnocchi picks classic dishes, choose between eggplant and zucchini clamshell gazpacho and vegetarian. Their regular pizza menu has a variety of options for vegetarians, including a variety of dishes and a variety of things on top of mushrooms.

Fiumefreddo Bio

Campo is located in La Chiesa, a quiet part of an attractive Drew, Fimifrededo Bio exploded with a good vegetarian diet. The wagon, with so many options, prepared organic food at the center of its menu of fresh. Apart from the delicious cuisine, the ambiance at this place comes from the strange bridge, which felt more and stayed at a neighbor’s house to eat from a typical restaurant. Looking at all the food they eat on the day it is fresh, they are healthy and organic dishes. Quinoa meatballs and think vegetarian burgers plate more classic Italian style. They are also served vegetarian wine.

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