What Substitute Teachers Do?

Exhausted substitute teacher in the classroom

Substitute Teachers

The work of a substitute teacher is to assist the senior teacher in classroom management as well as in other necessary teaching help.

Sometimes a substitute teacher might also take the place of the senior teacher, in case that person goes on an extended leave or break – due to sickness, personal reasons or maybe due to paper checking and the like. Or maybe the senior teacher is about to get married to a former student as you can read in this article.

The duties of a substitute teacher include – helping with the attendance, helping to maintain the dignity of the class, maintaining classroom cleanliness, and helping with day-to-day classroom activities as the requirement maybe.

A substitute teacher needs to be flexible with her timings because she may be asked to stay for more extended periods, or she may be called in any day, depending on the work at hand.

Sometimes a substitute teacher also plays out the role of an assistant teacher, working in tandem with the senior teacher to help maintain the classroom and students. It also becomes a good learning experience for him/her because it prepares one for individual duty and responsibility as well.

A substitute teacher often works for hand in hand with the senior teacher and aids in her work. However, this in no way means that a substitute teacher is any less of a teacher or that his/her duty is any less critical.

An able helping hand is not only appreciated but is also preferred, especially if a class gets too unruly or is difficult to control or if the workload is a tad bit too much to take.

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